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environment of bactericidal fungus, fungus Tooth in Vietnam

environment of bactericidal fungus, fungus Tooth in Vietnam bacteria will invade and arising out of the tartar plaque when food debris is not cleaned. In particular, when the body has poor resistance or during periods of depression, endocrine changes, bacteria will arise and cause more disease.

Inflammation of the tooth is divided into two main levels which originally almost did not show any signs of disease specific so people can subjectively or not aware of dangerous oral condition. However, until the outbreak of the specific symptoms, the condition inflamed tooth has become quite serious, but without treatment, the risk of tooth loss is rather high.

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The first stage: Gingivitis

In the early stages, root canal symptoms occur in one area or both jaw or jaw, benefit chronic inflammation, pocket depth of more than 3mm, tooth root bleeding appear also you will feel slightly aching and touching to see the teeth shaking slightly. If x-rays are seen, there is bone loss. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

These are signs of root canal inflammation in the early stages. When the disease starts, the treatment will be easier. The dentist will use dental cleaning tools to tame the teeth and combine with medication to reduce inflammation and swelling. Antibiotics can be treated by gut or oral administration on a daily basis. If the condition is mild, after one week, painful inflammation will gradually decrease.

2nd stage: Acute periodontitis, tooth infection

When gingivitis is not treated, the bacteria will invade more of the gums and root and the symptoms of root canal disease will appear more clearly. Bad breath phenomenon will appear more. When using the hand to press the gum disease to see the pus out, teeth become shaken and move more. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Chronic inflammation of the gums, pockets around the 5mm teeth, swollen teeth, crooked teeth, neck openings, and root canals, X-rays seen in the dentate, horizontal and vertical. The pain also more outbreaks, sometimes appear acute pain that makes the patient cannot eat chewing. In people with severe inflammation of the teeth surrounding the whole body (such as diabetes mellitus), this condition is more serious than the sign of an inflammatory root canal.

In this stage, treatment becomes more difficult when combining dental crowns with other special remedies. Dentists may recommend some combination drugs such as Tetracyline, Penicilline, Docyxyline, Amoxicline, Metronidazole, … and local antibiotics such as Metrogyl denta gel combined with Chlohexidine solution 0, 25% to rinse. Patients should follow the prescription, the dentist’s appointment should not arbitrarily buy drugs outside for treatment. Dental tourim in Vietnam

The early detection of root canal symptoms will be a prerequisite for effective treatment. Ideally, you should clean your teeth daily with a regular brush comb 2 times a day in combination with flossing to remove plaque from your teeth.

Taking tartar and periodontal care is the best way to treat topical rheumatism and prevent recurrence. Crystalline mineral salts support the surface of the tooth without injury, while mineral supplement for enamel, strong gums. Pay attention periodically 3-6 months / 1 times for best results. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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