Let me cry for the center only teeth in Vietnam

Let me cry for the center only teeth in Vietnam, but its effect on teeth and digestive system is extremely persistent! Most of us have had 1 or 2 tooth decay. If you think it is a common illness then think again! When the tooth is deep, the ability to infect the entire pulp and damage the tooth is huge. There are many cases of frequent drinking of soft drinks or brushing teeth before going to bed, which is widespread and forms multiple tooth decay – deep inside the jaw, even causing tooth loss. The scary diseases of the teeth come from our own daily eating habits. Get rid of the following 4 habits to keep your teeth healthy! Bacteria and how likely it is for an exacerbation of a change to be weak, such as with the customer, preparing braces is not the same for every customer who comes to dentistry, then they will be rushed to mount a type of iron frames and then to the positioning mode mounted braces that all right.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The happy but harmful habits you need to quit teeth

Eating hot drink cold

We often have the habit of drinking a glass of iced tea at a meal, especially in hot summer. Hot and cold foods are extremely harmful for teeth and digestive system.

Because when the heat, enamel will expand. Cold, enamel contraction. This continuous and sudden contraction of teeth will weaken enamel, teeth are easier to deep and painful when eating.

Eat tough food, need to gnaw Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In daily Vietnamese food, bones are an indispensable ingredient to create a natural sweetness. But eating chewing is a bad habit.

You do not get much nutrition from it, but the enamel is directly affected, easy to wear, even broken teeth. Other delicate foods such as sugar cane, dried fruit … are not good for teeth if eaten regularly.

Eat too “leisurely”

We are often distracted at meals by TV, telephone or conversations.  vietnam dentist prices

Remember, the longer you eat, the more active your teeth will be, the more likely they are to grow and grow.

Eat plenty of sugar trồng răng implant

You are loading more lines than you think. It exists in the delicious food everyone likes such as candy, snack, soft drink, milk tea …

Especially carbonated soft drinks are extremely acid and sugar, will erode enamel quickly.

Limit these foods – they do not have high nutritional value anymore! In case of snacking too much, you should rinse and brush your teeth immediately after eating. trồng răng nha khoa ident implant