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still busy with the meeting teeth in Vietnam

still busy with the meeting  teeth in Vietnam,material to expand and shrink, especially if it is metal. This phenomenon changes the adhesion, shape and strength of the material, causing cracking or leakage in the filling.  Remember to cool hot foods such as soups or baked goods, hot drinks like coffee and tea before use. Avoid hard, tough or sticky foods. You must avoid these foods for several days after filling. Candy, cakes and raw veggies can cause trouble, even pulling out crowns.  Hard food can crack the filling or crack the teeth, while sticky food will stick to the surface of the teeth for a long time, and make the teeth easier. Food that attaches to the teeth will weaken the filling and create a higher risk of tooth decay. To avoid this, you should rinse your mouth after eating and use fluoride toothpaste after flossing and flossing.

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Dental implants at reputable hospitals ensure safe pain

Dental implant surgery must be performed in a closed sterile environment. As a result, you need to make sure that hospitals are equipped with the latest and most modern equipment needed to ensure successful implant transplant surgery. , bright natural color and functional chew food as good as real teeth. vietnam dentist prices

For normal implant transplants, your doctor will perform a heart attack to help clients feel comfortable, painless. In cases of severe bone loss, it is necessary to insert the implant into the cheekbones, making anesthesia necessary. It is important to note that only hospitals have the capacity and expertise to perform anesthesia or anesthesia.

Examination of the jaw bone structure by ConeBeam CT 3D digital microscope

Improper implantation of the jaw bone is one of the main reasons for the implant posture being defective after implantation. Therefore, the address given to you must be equipped with at least ConeBeam 3D CT X-ray machine to perform facial sectioning, 3D imaging of the jaw structure, , bones lacking or not and nerve system.

As a result, the physician can analyze the structure of the jaw bone, evaluate the hardness, bone porosity, especially the bone size measurement, avoid the case of bone is not enough to cause the implant cylinder to deviate, causing pain, inflammation. This is also an important device in the surgery such as cure for gum disease, braces or dental surgery …

Assumptions of implant implants using 3D Simplification Analyzer

Based on the jaw bone structure and neural circuitry derived from the ConeBeam CT 3D X-ray machine, physicians will use Simplant 3D software to simulate implant placement sites, Each jaw bone is cut to the right size in 3 dimensions. The difference in the implementation of dental implants at the Dental Facility is thanks to this software, so the process is very accurate and safe based on specific data, not the same as conventional clinics. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In addition to the implants of Veneer porcelain, implant implants, wisdom tooth extraction, teeth whitening, smile laughter, … at a dentist with a team of experienced doctors, specialists and systems engineering. Modern equipment will surely bring you the highest satisfaction when doing any service here.

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