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supposedly a vague concept teeth in Vietnam. When the pulp is damaged or diseased and unable to repair itself, it is inflamed and eventually necrotic. The most common causes of myalgia are extensive tooth decay, deep patches, traumas (such as sharp teeth), cracks, and gum disease. When the pulp reaches bacteria from cavities or saliva, infection can occur inside the tooth and, if left untreated, can cause an infection at the root of the tooth, forming an abscess. Finally, the bone supporting the tooth is dissolved, the pain and swelling are usually accompanied by infection. Without endodontic treatment, eventually to extract the teeth. When you have an accident of missing teeth or spitting out damaged teeth, people often tend to ignore it, except for positions such as the front teeth to worry about dentures. That’s not good for your health! Over time, your teeth will be shattered, squeezed by a missing position in the tooth imbalance to the jaw.

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What are the symptoms of myeloma?

Symptoms may be temporary, mild to severe on contact with hot or cold, or when chewing or biting. In some cases this condition may not have any symptoms. Patients should be advised that radiography may not indicate abnormalities of the tooth. Clinicians should make it clear that sometimes the pain is not painful, but radiological evidence of tooth decay and periapical tissue may also be present. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

What is the success rate of marrow treatment?

Homeostasis is one of the most predictable dental procedures if treatment is performed properly. Studies show that medullary treatment usually has a success rate of 90 to 95%. Those in the failing group may still be able to re-treat or treat the surgery to protect their teeth, although they are not guaranteed to be successful. In addition, the patient must understand that the prognosis may vary depending on the individual circumstances, and that without good oral hygiene and good hypertension after endodontic treatment the risk of failure increases. Routine monitoring is required to assess the long-term health of teeth and perimeter tissue.

Did the endodontic treatment change color after treatment? vietnam dentist prices

If treatment is done properly, discoloration rarely occurs. In the case of discolored teeth, thermal bleaching or chemicals can be applied to restore the natural color and appearance of the teeth. Some of the treated teeth are discolored because they are filled with toothpaste but discolored or with silver ion amalgams. In these cases the fillings may be replaced, but usually the crowns or veneers are indicated.

What is an alternative to root canal therapy?

The only option is to extract the teeth, often resulting in a change in position or crowding of the surrounding teeth and thus ineffective chewing. Patients should understand that regular extractions are easy and depend on the circumstances, which can cause patients to spend more money later. Patients always have the option of doing nothing, and the responsibility of the dentist is to explain the risks associated with the decision.