Although very interested and want to quickly implant in Vietnam

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    Although very interested and want to quickly implant in Vietnam, the jaw bone is not a simple surgical procedure. The upper jaw and lower jaw volume are not large but involve many important anatomical structures need to be preserved when implants implant such as sinus, nasal cavity, front stapes, lower teeth, chin, teeth remaining on the jaw ...It is not dependent on bone quality, soft tissue quality of implants, implants implant immediately after tooth extraction or implant on bilateral jaw healing ...

    One particular implant technology is that each implant system has its own surgical kits. Currently hundreds of implant systems are introduced in many countries. All these characteristics and factors set forth for the surgeon an important requirement is that implants should ensure the survival of bone tissue and soft tissue around the implant to meet the function and aesthetics. For patients after restoration on the implant.


    WHAT SHOULDS PATIENTS PREPARE BEFORE IMPLANTS SURGERY? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    Currently Dental Implants technology gradually replaced other methods of denture. Thanks to this technique, you will have teeth like real teeth, strong, prevent bone loss, aging face, bring you smile confident.

    So before surgery, what should patients prepare for successful and safe treatment?


    Before surgery, your doctor will take a full-jaw (Panorex) vs CT scan to check your bone density, bone height, if you have a matched implant. From there, the doctor plans treatment accordingly and whether you have bone grafts or not. If the jaw bone size is limited, live a thin jaw, then you have bone grafting or sinus lift before having Dental Implants.

    TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    You should tell your doctor if you have heart disease, blood disease, diabetes, blood pressure, orthopedic implants, and tell your doctor what medicines you are taking.

    The test should include: blood flow time, blood clotting, blood count, liver function, kidney, cardiovascular ...

    You need to have good control of your blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure before having Dental Implants treatment. Also, do not take aspirin, or any medication before surgery without a doctor's prescription.


    Patients should stop smoking, drink alcohol before implant dental implants because tobacco, alcohol will affect the results of transplant.


    Having Dental implants are not as painful as many people think so you do not have to worry too much about those who are afraid of pain. Your doctor will give you an anesthetic at the site of the implant and you will not have any pain after the surgery is finished. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Toothache banned due to gingivitis
    Gingivitis is caused by plaque bacteria in the food, when these bacteria are not removed for a long time and they accumulate more and more along the gums forming the tartar. Teeth will make the gums more prone to fall, making their teeth more susceptible to exposure, over time the gums will form. They will release toxins that cause gum infections. Swelling of the gums and bone destruction supporting the teeth. If toothache is prevented by untreated gingivitis, it can make teeth more susceptible to shaking or even loss of teeth.
    Toothache due to tooth injury
    Traumatic injury also causes you to have toothache. Injuries such as bumps will make teeth prone to chipping, if not treated promptly tooth injury due to injury can cause the teeth to break.
    Toothache prohibited by teeth difference grows underground
    When the wisdom teeth are deviated or grow implicitly, they will slant or hit the adjacent teeth of the jaw. This causes the forbidden teeth to be affected as it is located near the toothed number 7 and the tooth eighth causes intense pain that affects the chewing ability of the patient.Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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