bridge of to organize a small dental exams Vietnam?

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    bridge of to organize a small dental exams Vietnam?difficult for you to get all the small pieces of food, plaque remaining on the teeth. Therefore, oral diseases are still at risk. Many people wonder why they clean their teeth every day but still have tooth decay, gum swabs ... Advice from dentists, it is in addition to oral care every day you also need to create a habit of visiting regular dental checkups.

    Why have dental exams?

    In order to keep your teeth healthy, home care regimens should be accompanied by periodic dental visits of 4-6 months. In some cases, your dentist may recommend that you visit more often depending on your dental health. Regular dental exams carry the following practical meanings:


    Darkened teeth make you lose confidence in communication, it worsens your smile. Dark teeth may be dark stains on the tooth surface, or dark colors within the structure of the teeth.
    With the development of dental materials and proper interventions by your doctor, your teeth color can be improved. A shiny white and regular teeth is no longer a dream. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
    Some ways to improve your teeth color:
    Tooth decay, polishing teeth:
    This is a method of cleaning teeth. Licking the polish will clean the teeth and remove the dirt on teeth that darken teeth and lose the gloss of teeth. This method does not affect the structure of the teeth but is only effective in cases of darkened teeth due to stains on the teeth.

    Clean your teeth effectively

    Teeth are prone to plaque due to food not being cleaned after every meal. They quickly form plaque buildup around the teeth, on the gums or between the teeth. If not removed timely, plaque will be calcified to form tartar. Plaque, tartar is rich in bacteria, they constantly attack and destroy teeth and gums. With normal brushing practice it is difficult to clean the teeth, so the plaque still have the opportunity to form. When visiting a regular dentist, with specialized dental equipment, the dentist will help to remove the plaque gently, helping to clean teeth effectively.Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    To detect and timely treatment of dental disease

    Oral diseases (tooth decay, myelitis, etc.) are considered to be the causes of tooth decay. When the teeth are mildly damaged, the doctor can correct and preserve the real teeth, however, if the disease progresses to a severe stage, forcing the doctor to perform real tooth extraction. Fixed teeth will not recover if lost and patients need to restore dentures to aesthetic and chewing problems.

    Therefore, periodic dental checkups help you detect and treat early dental diseases, help to treat simple and preserve real teeth. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    To protect your teeth are strong

    Teeth is a part of the daily routine when we are chewing on food. That also means that this is a very important part to ensure our health every day. When you face any dental disease, firstly you will feel uncomfortable, affect not to the spirit and general health of the body. A strong teeth is one of the factors that help you stay healthy.

    Porcelain Veneer: At first, the doctor will grind a little bit of the surface of your teeth, then make a correct imprint of your teeth. The mark is transferred to the lab and made as porcelain veneer. Then, this veneer is stuck to your teeth. After attaching, you will have a radiant smile with regular teeth and glossy white teeth.
    Full porcelain crown: Same as porcelain veneer but teeth are more grinding and grinding on all sides. When performing a complete porcelain crown, in addition to improving the color, the doctor can improve the position of the teeth and "shape" your teeth more rounded. Deviated teeth may also be placed in the normal position. This is the way to improve your dental caries thoroughly and permanently.
    Tetracycline-infected teeth are improved by making Cercon porcelain crown for 2 jaws. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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