Bringing in the direction of the spy film lineup tooth in Vietnam

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    Bringing in the direction of the spy film lineup tooth in Vietnam. In order to have a beautiful smile and minimize dental disease, many teenagers are keen to find dental procedures.

    Osteogenic hypertrophy is related to genetics

    Many patients think that the teeth are due to bad habits from children or premature tooth extraction, but not enough, it is due to genetic factors as well. For example, people with small jaws while teeth are large, not enough space to grow, causing crowded crowded not directly in the right direction.

    If the upper jaw develops unevenly, the imbalance of the upper jaw will protrude before we call the teeth.

    The age of puberty is the most beautiful age for corrected teeth


    Often, the ages recommended by dentists for defibrillation are between the ages of 9-12. By then, your permanent incisors are full and the inner teeth are slowly replacing them. That's because of the permanent teeth.

    Preventing dental obesity must go to the dentist periodically. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    It is very difficult and time consuming to adjust the teeth to prevent defects and reduce the cost of correcting the teeth, you should have a regular dental check every 6 months.

    It is not enough to have a hard-working dentist, you need to take care of your baby's teeth so that you do not have to spit too early because of cavities. Getting rid of bad habits that affect the teeth is the most important.

    There are two methods of adjusting teeth Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    If you have difficulty understanding, you will find two methods of correction is to carry a fixed orthodontic dentistry or fixed.

    With a cost effective dentist, dentists need to work with a dentist to get results.

    With a fixed orthodontic function, your dentist will attach your teeth to your fixed teeth, using hooks and springs to pull or push your teeth for long periods of time even up to several years. Therefore, the cost of fixed orthodontic implants is usually more expensive than other costs, and you also have to bring your own orthodontic devices often so that you get better results.

    Specific procedure of one orthodox

    In orthodontics, you must make other visits directly to the doctor.

    - Doctors taking gypsum for the study: This is absolutely painless. In this sample, the doctor will look at the condition, shape of your teeth, measurement of missing teeth, and missing teeth on your teeth. . With this procedure, your teeth will be photographed to document your orthodontic treatment with 2 x-rays. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    - Your doctor will advise you on the procedure for correcting your teeth at a specific time.

    From the next two weeks, 1 month, 2 months ... you will have to see a doctor once depending on the progress on your teeth, the doctor will work on the cords and braces. to slowly bring the deviated tooth into its place without harm.

    It is important to note the number of dental care after correcting the teeth

    - The first week after adjusting the teeth, because of possession of braces on the teeth, you will find extremely uncomfortable. But it only takes a few days to a week, you will adapt right away.

    - After adjusting the teeth, you must pay attention to good hygiene and thorough than before. Do not worry because doctors usually provide you 01 specialized brush for orthodontic patients.

    - The length of treatment depends on the specific case, usually from 12-24 months because after the teeth have been placed in the desired position you also have to wear the orthodontic tool for a longer time to the teeth. Positive in the new position. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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