earned up to million won per month can spend crown in Vietnam

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    earned up to million won per month can spend crown in Vietnam, X-rays screening, diagnosis and discussion of specific treatment plan with you (30 minutes)

    - After you agree with the treatment plan, we will take pictures before treatment at different angles (in the mouth, on the face, when you laugh naturally ...) to have the material. , image of facial structure, skin color, hair ... from which we design smile with the most suitable and harmonious teeth for you (30 minutes)

    - For many cases of tooth loss, collapse, excessive wear of teeth, complicated bite disease .... The doctor will carry out a screening to analyze and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. (Half day - one day)


    The preparation process: What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    - First, the doctor will numb the area you need to recreate. The doctor will then proceed to prepare a crown shape suitable for the original crown or bridge design. In cases where you are too anxious or sensitive, we will provide "Relaxation with dental pain" service so that you are completely comfortable during your doctor's treatment.

    - The preparation process is completed, your dentist (or scan with 1 to 3 teeth) and the appropriate tooth color. (You will have temporary teeth to use while waiting for dental porcelain aesthetic)

    Dental Implants with CAD / CAM technology from I-DENT Dental Center will carry out state-of-the-art technical processes with high-grade porcelain to create your new porcelain teeth with color and shape. desire. The period of dental porcelain practice in the lab in the center within 24 - 48h for the case of recovery from 1-3 teeth and from 2-3 days for case recovery from 6 teeth or more. The execution time may vary from case to case.

    When your new dental porcelain finishes, your doctor will try porcelain and show you the color and shape of your teeth. When you are satisfied and satisfied with your new teeth, your dentist will fix your teeth. The teeth will look exactly like your teeth. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Your doctor will take a photo of the porcelain crown and compare the image after and before treatment to show the aesthetic and functional results you have achieved along with the differences.

    Prohibited teeth, also known as Molar 6, play a very important role in chewing and grinding food. Therefore, when the tooth is affected by a number of dental diseases can cause the teeth to prevent pain. What is the cause of toothache? And how to treat tooth injury like? Please visit the I-DENT Dental Center to find out about this issue through the article below! Dental tourim in Vietnam
    Causes toothache
    There are many causes of tooth decay, so patients need to identify the cause to find the most appropriate treatment. Here are some common causes of tooth decay:
    Toothache prohibited by decay:
    Tooth decay is the main cause of toothache pain. This happens when you put food in your mouth, teeth # 6 (no teeth) and teeth # 7 will assume the role of chewing and grinding food. In particular, the number 6 is often exposed to the most food. Therefore, food is easy to be trapped and deposited on the surface and in the interstitial, if not clean teeth number 6 is very susceptible to worms. When the teeth are forbidden, the person will feel very uncomfortable.
    Toothache tooth pulp inflammation
    Tooth pulp usually originates from decay. When the tooth decay has become worse, it will become inflamed, causing painful, sustained and painful toothache, which can be painful and painful. If toothache due to tooth decay is not treated promptly, tooth inflammation is very vulnerable to risk of bone abscesses, tooth loss and fall easily.Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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