fans in Vietnam can easily own tickets to dental in Vietnam

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    fans in Vietnam can easily own tickets to dental in Vietnam, there is no bone damage. Common in adults due to bacterial contamination around the stem, cavity capsule in the sinus cavity, complications of fangs or wisdom teeth, imbalances caused by extraction ...

    The disease can be manifested under 3 forms.


    Sinusitis. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    Diseases like acute sinusitis such as smoldering face, fever, the patient smells rotten, pus from the nostrils sinus side. The sinus mucosa becomes inflamed and sometime after the sinus may become chronic.

    Acute sinusitis:

    Common causes of inflammation around the maxillary endothelium, caused by necrotizing encephalopathy or by accidental extraction of teeth to push infected teeth into the sinuses.

    Patients often have high fever, headache, insomnia, struggle. Especially pain, backache spread to the upper jaw, eyes, temples, forehead. Increased pain when moving or when the patient is bowed, sometimes spread to the upper teeth, touching the tooth is very painful, pressing the area under the lower eyelid increased pain. Diarrhea through the nostrils on the sick side, at first diluted to become mucus, pus with rotten smell.

    Sinusitis: Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Often due to causes such as sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, untreated dental infections, sinusitis or sinus headaches, etc. The patient is sometimes fatigued, pus yellow yellow side sick, flowing much early in the morning, smell rot causes the patient nausea, less pain than acute sinusitis, usually occlusion nasal sinus. Can laryngitis, pharyngitis, diarrhea ... due to swallowing pus and other complications such as sinusitis, frontal sinus, abscess, eye inflammation, sinus inflammation, toothache .Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Treatment depends on each disease. For acute sinusitis, antibiotics should be used, nasal sterilization. If after a few days still have sinusitis, then wash the sinus with antibiotic solution. For chronic sinusitis, need to extract the cause of sinusitis, then pump the sinuses through the nose. If after many pumping, the disease is still not clear, then complete sinus surgery.

    For the prevention of sinusitis, the systematic examination and treatment of the upper and lower jaw teeth is required. If the sinus is open when extracting teeth, antibiotics should be treated and avoid unnecessary movements to make the disease worse. If a root is pushed into the sinus, it should be removed immediately or the sinus surgery to take, in combination with antibiotics. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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