of sight, we suddenly thought of the implant in Vietnam

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    of sight, we suddenly thought of the implant in Vietnam experience to the best dental care implants, prostheses chew food well, does not affect daily life. The notes below can be memorized.

    Note when implant implants - the case is not done Implant implants are one of the major dental surgeries in the dental profession, which can help overcome the most complete and complete dental cases in the structure of a normal physiological tooth.

    However, the implant also includes patients who are not eligible for dental implantation:


    - Children under the age of 18: Children of the jaw bone have not developed stably so implant placement implant does not have long-term restoration effect, the position can be distorted by the development of the jaw bone. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    - Pregnant women or nursing mothers

    - Patients with diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, blood clotting problems, ...

    In these cases, implant placement would have a very high impact on implant health and rejection.

    - Doctors: Must have practicing certificate, trained in implant, experienced in implant surgery and other operations in dentistry.

    The experienced dentist will advise you on how much implants should be implanted to ensure that the cost of dental implant surgery is not compromised. . You may lose more teeth but the number of implants may be smaller or equal to the number of missing teeth. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    The machinery and equipment necessary for an implant implant such as a digital x-ray machine so that the doctor can measure the thickness of the jaw bone, the volume of the jaw bone is sufficient to fit. implant placement; Simplified 3D analysis software enables patients to see the results of implant transplants.

    It is important to note that implant implants should be noted, with the help of machines and equipment that assist the physician to perform the correct operations and to plan for the best treatment.

    - Material implant head: Because implant dental implants, root canal will last long in the jaw bone, so the quality requirements of the cylinder must be safe with the body, not involved in chemical reactions. oral environment. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    In addition, the application of torsionally rigid studs and machined surfaces will accelerate the integration of the bone.

    - The surgery room must ensure modern sterile. Because of the direct action on the jaw bone, the removal of infectious and infectious factors needs to be rigorous.

    It is a difficult and complicated method to note when implanting a dental implant, you cannot rush to decide an address to do so, find out information at 3 to 5 addresses, answer any fears before implementation. Be assured and trust in the workmanship of the doctor.

    After the implant dental implants finished what to note?

    After each implants implant, your doctor will advise you on how to relieve pain at home, how to take care of your teeth and preserve your teeth, ensuring the longest life expectancy.

    Painful or sensitive teeth at the prosthetic site can last 2-3 days, but this condition gradually disappears. Be aware that when the implant is complete, if the pain causes you to be unable to eat or to sleep, use ice to ease the pain or get a prescription from your doctor for faster pain relief at home.

    Limit use of stimulants, carbonated drinks, coffee or cigarettes in the first two weeks.

    - Proper oral hygiene, should limit the impact to the new gum restoration.

    - The process of healing depends on the location of each person, there are people who have long recovery. However, follow the diet of the doctor to avoid swelling, pain and the removal of implants. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    With the implant transplant note above, you may be able to draw yourself the experience needed to achieve the best dental implant.

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