people talk about the island, the best people will implant in Vietnam

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    people talk about the island, the best people will implant in Vietnam, bridging is also a smart option to handle the loss of teeth. Simple, moderate cost are the advantages of this method.

    Bridging the bridges does not only help to restore the teeth but also help you avoid some of the risk of dental problems. Tooth bridge, also known as crown, is often used to attach a fixed to the jaw.

    Why should bridges be missing?

    Bridges are made in cases where the missing teeth, in order to fill the gap of missing teeth. This is important because if you do not fill in the missing teeth, the adjacent teeth will be at risk of tilting, overlapping the teeth and compromising your chewing habits. In particular, it is also the cause of dental diseases such as becoming more sensitive, susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.


    Advantages when making bridges What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    - Cost savings

    The method of bridging just needs to create a bridge of 3 or 4 teeth depending on the number of missing teeth to restoration without the need to place the root canal Titan so very cost-effective. The price depends on the tooth material selected by the customer is metal, non-metal or porcelain glass. This is the biggest advantage of the method of bridge bridges compared to rooting method.

    - High aesthetics

    In terms of dental restorations and the choice of materials is aesthetically pleasing, the bridges can achieve aesthetics as high as that of a full porcelain crown, for natural teeth as natural as natural teeth.

    - eat firmly

    With porcelain bridges have a large force, many times more than toothed teeth and is restored by a skilled doctor, bridges can still ensure the function of eating chewing the truth.

    - Maintained for a long time. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Materials and techniques to ensure that the bridge can remain on the same jaw for more than 20 years, even longer without needing to restoration.

    Teeth wisdom is the tooth that grows at the end of the jaw. As the age of wisdom teeth grows between the ages of 15 and 25, there are a few who grow up at the age of 30. During the growth, teeth do not directly affect the body. Its impact makes you uncomfortable and annoying. Many cases of wisdom teeth inflammation, cannot eat anything. Therefore, many people want to spit wisdom teeth, but asked "Wisdom tooth extraction does affect health or not?". Take a look at this article to know if "should wisdom tooth extraction or not?" and "when should wisdom tooth extraction?"
    Reason why wisdom teeth is not correct position?

    Disadvantages when making bridges

    Apart from these advantages, bridges still have certain limitations. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    - Limitations of the technique: Only restore the crown, not restore the root.

    - Removing the tooth from the adjacent teeth to support the missing tooth.

    The cylinder may be slightly sensitive to excessive temperature changes, which may last a few weeks after completion of the bridge.

    - Bacteria can develop on food plaque that attaches to the teeth if you keep poor oral hygiene.Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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