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    read comic books because of the appropriate their teeth Vietnam, which can produce kennels. Causes of gingival bruxism (between upper and lower teeth) are deflated; Anxiety, stress or stress; Agitation or excessive emotions; As a side effect of some neurological drugs such as antidepressants ... Often patients do not know that they have grinding teeth because often occurs at bedtime. Patients who have been diagnosed as a result of dental grinding are worn out. Contraindications can occur at any age.

    When the gums are inflamed, the infection is usually dark red, swollen, easily bleeding when eaten, chewed, or brushed. When the gums become tender, the gum tissue becomes loose instead of clinging to the root of the teeth, which is easy to chew when eating, chewing.
    Observe that there are many plaque and plaque. If plaque builds up on the teeth for a long time it becomes rigid and is called tartar or toothed stone. Eating plaque is easier to accumulate and cling to the tartar than to make the tartar thicker and make gingivitis become more serious.

    Under normal conditions, if not clean dental hygiene, then 24 hours after the plaque build up will harden to form new teeth and so if not brushed clean, often thoroughly then layered The thicker the tooth.
    Periodontal disease is classified into two major diseases: What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
    - Gingivitis: Common gingivitis, gingivitis, gingivitis.
    - Periodontitis: periodontitis, juvenile periodontitis ...
    We know that periodontal disease is very early, very high incidence, they do not exclude anyone, male or female, young or old.
    The cause of periodontal disease is mainly caused by bacteria (predominate), so it is important to prevent periodontal disease

    The impact of teeth grinding. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Because the force used in this exercise is much greater than the force generated when chewing, grinding g does not only make people uncomfortable sound, but also erode teeth. This condition, if prolonged, can cause the tooth to lose its enamel, exposing the yellowish layer, being sensitive, cracking the teeth, shaking or falling, welded joints, broken dentures. regulations. Broken teeth reduce the size of the underlying layer, making the person look older.

    More grinding can cause jaw muscles, fatigue, muscle aches. Overactive muscles can be enlarged by muscles biting on both sides, causing the face to be disproportionate or square, and to the joint causing joint damage such as joint disorders. temples - jaws. Depending on the degree of joint injury, the patient will have a variety of symptoms: jaw joint pain, crying when open mouth or when chewing, movement disorder open mouth, open mouth ...

    For children, if the period of grinding in children does not last long but can affect the development of teeth. The teeth are worn out, making the foods that have acid and sugar cling to the teeth more easily and cause tooth decay.

    How to treat grinding teeth? Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Treatment of grinding teeth to prevent tooth loss and pain in the chewing muscles and facial muscles. Depending on the cause of grinding tooth with appropriate treatment regimen:

    If stressed: Treatment is mainly by psychotherapy and relaxation (exercise, meditation ...). Can use muscle relaxant to temporarily reduce muscle contraction. The use of the drug must be prescribed by the doctor.

    For arthritis, a dentist may need to orthodontist to have a better bite, or the doctor will have tools to help protect the teeth from damage in the case of severe teeth grinding. At present, tools to help prevent grinding teeth are chewing. This tool works to prevent tooth decay, reduce the pain of musculoskeletal and jaw joints.

    Teeth grinding due to side effects of medication: It is necessary to stop the drug immediately or to take other medicines to reduce this side effect according to the doctor's instructions. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    In children often related to the growth and development of children: teeth grow uneven, teething teeth ... Most children with grinding teeth at 3-10 years old, about 13 years most children with dental grinding teeth .

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