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    Selling lottery tickets, each afternoon his Dental in Vietnam. Porcelain dental restorations is the method used material porcelain teeth used to replace and mask imperfections of the teeth is not as standard as the affected tooth, tooth breakage teeth broken or missing teeth, discolored teeth, teeth Brilliance ... bring regular teeth, shiny and perform chewing function as good as real teeth.

    With the advent of dental porcelain aesthetic dental care all the common dental problems will be improved in the most thorough.


    The ceramic material in dental cosmetic porcelain dental restorations What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    There are many types of dental porcelain used for dental restorations, such as titanium,Cercon, Zirconia, metal porcelain teeth, porcelain precious metal ... In it, to meet To be aesthetic in the method of dental prosthetics dentists often consult and use porcelain teeth such as:

    Zirconia teeth: dental porcelain type this is the pinnacle of porcelain teeth when combined with the zirconia material. This material is highly biocompatible, is resistant to pressure chewing, good resistance, anti-wear and color similar to the color of the real teeth.

    Titan porcelain teeth: dental porcelain titanium material is made up of part ribs are made from titanium and the exterior is coated with porcelain. Titanium titanium teeth are durable, long lasting, do not cause allergies, hard to discolor than porcelain teeth. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Depending on the specific tooth condition of each client and the purpose of prosthetic dentistry, your doctor will advise you on the appropriate method.

    Advantages of cosmetic porcelain restorations

    - Improve most of the defects of the teeth or suffer such as: scissors, teeth, teeth, infected teeth, missing teeth, teeth, broken ...

    Ensure high aesthetics because the color of natural porcelain teeth as real teeth, so when looking at hardly anyone can detect you made porcelain aesthetic.

    - Technique is quite simple, do not take much time or do not have much rest.

    - This dental porcelain does not cause bad breath, gingivitis, or foodborne illness.

    - Improved chewing function is easier.

    Cosmetic dental prostheses Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Ceramic porcelain cosmetic is the common name of many aesthetic methods for different cases. In particular, it is divided into two main cases need to restore the dental porcelain aesthetic loss of one or more teeth and dental restorations when the teeth are: chipping, broken, chanted ...

    Porcelain dental restorations in case of missing teeth

    For missing teeth, bridges or implant implants are the best solution. Removed dental porcelain will replace tooth loss, help prevent bone loss, bring the complete teeth as before.

    Porcelain dental restorations in case of tooth injury

    When the teeth are damaged, the doctors will perform the examination and determine the level of tooth damage and consult the correct dental prosthetics while ensuring the aesthetics and increase the durability of the teeth, help the teeth. performs normal feeding function.

    Caring after cosmetic porcelain restorations

    - After cosmetic restorations, you should pay more attention to daily care and oral hygiene. As for porcelain teeth, you should use clean fingers around the gums to stimulate circulation.

    - You should eat chewing on both sides of the jaw.

    - Use right mouth rinse, enough dose with proper concentration to not damage the mucosa ...

    Proper brushing is also one of the secrets to helping you get the best dental health after performing aesthetic dental implants. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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