The amount of general education knowledge permanent teeth Vietnam

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    The amount of general education knowledge permanent teeth Vietnam, especially in cases where more teeth are lost. If the patient does not perform appropriate dental restorations, the risk of aging occurs when the jaw bone is diluted. Implants with multiple teeth loss are the solution for those in this condition.

    Why choose dental implants when missing teeth?

    In the case of missing teeth, bridges and removable dentures are also methods that can be restored. However, these techniques still have the following limitations:

    Bridges are required to grind real teeth next to lost teeth to make abutment. In some cases if the doctor grinds untrained teeth, it will affect the internal pulp.What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam


    The life expectancy as well as the chewing function of the denture is not high. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    False teeth make it difficult to clean, easily cause bad breath, pain in the gums for long-term use.

    Bridges and dentures are not capable of preventing bone loss. In the long run patients also face the risk of premature aging.

    Implant when losing more teeth to overcome the disadvantages of the above techniques.

    Artificial implants are implanted into the jawbone that acts as artificial teeth. Dental Implant has the same structure as real physiopathology so it is completely capable of maintaining bone density, good chewing ability not to be inferior to real teeth.

    Implants when missing teeth have the following methods:

    Use the semi-fixed removable function

    This technique is usually prescribed to patients who have bone loss due to long-term tooth loss but do not want to perform bone graft or sinus lift.Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Mini Implant cylinders are smaller in size than traditional implants, also implanted into the jawbone and firmly supported on the upper jaw. Thanks to that, the chewing capacity of the denture is firm and has a longer lifespan than that of the other method.

    Use 4-8 implants for the entire jaw

    It is not necessary for the patient to recover the number of missing implants. I-DENT’S dentists will save you the maximum cost and still provide high quality restoration.

    4 implants when full teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    For each upper or lower jaw for total tooth loss, the surgeon can implant 4-8 implants per jaw. Although only use the number of Implant less, the function and aesthetics of prosthetics can still achieve the highest efficiency.

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