was higher than that of other group members in Vietnam

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    was higher than that of other group members in Vietnam, specializing in the diagnosis, treatment of dental and facial defects such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, biting keys, deep biting, cross biting, open bite, or a hammer.

    1. What is the benefit of teeth whitening?
    Everyone wants to have beautiful smiles and all need healthy teeth. An uneven and crowded teeth is often difficult to clean. This not only makes you susceptible to cavities but also to gingivitis. Other problems that can occur are abnormal enamel wear, overloading of the jawbone, disruption of the temporal jaw and this can lead to joint pain, headache or chronic neck pain. . In addition to reducing chewing, biting can also affect respiration, blood circulation and pronunciation. Orthodontics will whiten your teeth, helping your jawbone and chewing muscles grow properly. This will reduce the risk of tooth decay, gingivitis to ensure the function of the mouth such as chewing, breathing, pronunciation, reduce the risk of tooth injury.


    Orthodontics can help you overcome problems such as: What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    - Deviated teeth, crowded, broken (back) teeth, bite back (lower front teeth in front of upper teeth - also known as ...

    - Deformities in the jaw (This case must coordinate between orthodontic and surgical intervention in the jaw bone).

    - Orthodontics is the first stage of dental restorations (dentures), to treat periodontal diseases, to treat cases of temporomandibular joint disorders caused by the deviation of teeth.

    Orthodontics is usually mild and mild in the first 2 weeks, after which your body will adapt, no pain or discomfort.

    In the process of orthodontic treatment, you should avoid eating too hard, too tough, or too sticky to avoid bumps on the teeth; Avoid eating sugary foods, as it can cause tooth decay because oral hygiene problems when wearing braces will make it more difficult than usual.

    Here are the common types of bite disorder Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    1. The two jaws are in place, but on each jaw the teeth are narrow, crowded, rotated or sparse.
    2. The jaw is too far forward, or the jaw is too far backwards (the jaw).
    3. Reverse bite: The jaw is too far forward or the jaw is too far backwards.
    4. Joint bite open: When biting, molar teeth touch but the door is still open.
    5. Deep bite: When biting, the upper teeth completely cover the lower teeth
    Orthodontics is usually applied in two forms: fixed and removable, or a combination of both.

    1. Removable Orthodontic
    Orthodontics is a type of jaw that can be inserted and removed from the mouth easily, at will. Commonly used to move, adjust a tooth or a group of teeth. In general, the disassembly function has different forms and effects.

    - The cleansing function has the advantage of fast, low cost, convenient and comfortable for patients when need to remove. However, the disadvantage is that it is easily damaged, easy to lose, patients do not voluntarily carry the jaw regularly, the ability of treatment of restriction. Patients will carry their jaw daily and may even go to sleep.

    1. Fixed Orthodontic
    Sticks are attached to the teeth at the beginning of treatment and are removed only upon termination of treatment.

    This orthodontic system consists of the following components: Dental tourim in Vietnam

    - Braces, sutures (ben, belt) are fixed to the tooth surface with a special adhesive or Ciment.

    - Straight line to connect the braces together.

    - Flexible elastic straps to hold the laces in the braces and stitches, and at the same time create a force on the strings and teeth.

    Braces, sutures and cords are usually made of metal. Currently there are some types of aesthetics made of composite, porcelain or stone. Elastic bands are different colors.

    Orthodontics using the brace system is the most advanced method nowadays due to its many advantages such as accurate positioning of each tooth in three dimensions, controlled traction to prevent injury to the organization. around the teeth, not on the gums or jaw.

    Orthodontics does not affect your life. You can eat normally, play sports, sing and go out in public.

    The biggest problem in orthodontics is the length of treatment. Orthodontists need time enough for their teeth to move within safe limits. The length of treatment depends on age, complexity, and treatment. The appointments will be several weeks apart - several months and the duration of treatment can last from 6 months to 2, 3 years. Some special cases may last longer.

    Orthodontic treatment should be performed continuously until complete

    Having braces, brushing is harder and takes longer. Pay attention to oral hygiene thoroughly to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Your doctor may instruct you to use special toothbrushes to clean your teeth. Do not eat hard, sticky foods such as gum, gum, or sticky gum that can lead to long-term treatment.Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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