We are continuing to do research to improve tooth in Vietnam

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    We are continuing to do research to improve tooth in Vietnam that affect the supporting structure of the teeth: free and gummy teeth, periodontal ligaments, gums and bone. Periodontal disease can be gum disease or inflammation around the teeth. Prophylaxis, early detection of gingivitis in children is a very necessary work to avoid the complications, unpredictable sequelae can occur.
    1. Problems
    Compared with the adult periodontal organization, the periodontal organization of children has many differences.
    In the dental prosthesis and the interdental area the teeth are covered entirely by the gums. The redness is brighter due to the increased blood supply due to more blood vessels and less keratococcal epithelium, which is easy to confuse with mild inflammation. Less fibrotic linkages. In addition, local congestion associated with the teething process may cause swelling and rounding of the gills and deepening the groove to 3 mm. Children with fewer seeds (orange peel) and appear only after 2 years of age, the margin of freedom is thicker and rounder, may appear white when the teeth are growing, the density is softer because of the organization. less thick.


    Why do we feel pain? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    When the pulp is inflamed by a large cavity or by a fracture, the bacteria enter the pulp of the pulp. Inflammation of the tooth pulp increases the activity of the cells and blood flow increases the pressure inside the pulp and causes pain. People often feel pain when they bite, chew on or drink and come in contact with hot or cold food.

    Why do we need root canal treatment?

    Because myelitis does not heal. Without treatment, the infection will spread, the bone around the tooth will degenerate and the tooth can fall off. The pain usually gets worse so that the patient has to go to the emergency dentist. At that time, the only option is to extract the teeth, extraction can lead to the deviation of the adjacent teeth and wrong bite. Although easier to extract, missing teeth after tooth extraction requires an implant (dental implant) or bridging teeth and these methods are more expensive than root canal treatment. If you still have the choice, it is best to keep your original teeth.

    What is root canal treatment? Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Removal of the root canal is the method performed to save a dead or damaged tooth in the root canal by thoroughly cleaning the diseased pulp and reconstructing the canal. The canal will be sealed with Guttapercha, a rubber-like material, to prevent recurrence of the tooth. Followed by permanent crowns or crowns.

    What related to root canal treatment?

    Treatment usually includes one to three appointments. You will first be given local anesthesia to numb the affected area, and then the dentist will drill a hole from the coronal cavity to the pulp chamber and travel along the diseased canal to get rid of the diseased pulp and reshape it. Next, the medicated cotton is placed in the tooth to kill the bacteria. Depending on the condition of the teeth, the crown is temporarily filled to prevent recontamination or the tooth is open to drain or the dentist will go straight into the filling stage of the canal. If the dentist completes the appointment, the temporary seal is removed, the pulp chamber and canal are filled with Guttapercha or other materials to prevent recurrence. If the teeth are weak, a metal bolt can be inserted into the canal to strengthen the support. Once filled, the canal is permanently sealed. Finally, the dentist often covers the teeth with porcelain crowns to strengthen and improve the appearance of the teeth.

    What are the risks and complications? Dental tourim in Vietnam

    More than 95% of myeloma cases are successful. However, some cases require re-treatment due to the presence of extra canals or root canals that are broken in the canal, but both are rare.

    After medullary treatment what will happen?

    Natural tissue swelling can be uncomfortable for a few days, which can be controlled by pharmacist painkillers. From this point onwards, brush and floss regularly, avoid chewing hard foods on the teeth that have been harvested and visit your dentist regularly for periodic dental checkups. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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