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 Wanted to be the lyrics of nature teeth in Vietnam

Wanted to be the lyrics of nature teeth in Vietnam of periodontal disease is the toxic bacteria in dental plaque where oral hygiene is not cleaned. Plaque builds up on the gums and teeth, causing gingivitis, gum inflammation red, lack of firmness, swelling, bleeding easily. As the plaque changes into the hardening of the teeth, the gums become more severe. Gradually, the disease progresses to severe periodontitis. In addition, there are other factors that increase the risk of periodontal disease and make more severe diseases such as smoking habits, diabetes, pregnant women, teeth teething, nutritional … The risk of preterm birth, low birth weight children with pregnant women. Expressions of periodontal disease: If your teeth show the following signs you have periodontal disease and need to be treated immediately:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Process sterile dental equipment teeth

What is sterile?

Use chemical or physical methods or combine both methods to kill germs and spores or remove them.

Clean instruments autoclave with temperature 121ºC, pressure 0.12 Mpa (1.2 kg / cm²) in 30 minutes + 20 minutes. The autoclave process is automatically installed with the pressure gauge, time, temperature and automatic drying. Causes of Periodontal Disease Teeth wandering or sparse. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Sterile instruments are stored in sterile bags or stored in ultraviolet racks Unusual eating.

Maximum storage time is 1 week. If not used for more than 7 days, the instrument is considered non-sterile and should be steamed.

Tool handling Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Step I: New equipment or tools used for patients must be washed under the tap. The danger of periodontal disease:

Step II: Soak the instrument in a Hexanois-sanitized, 30-minute set. Periodontal disease not only causes tooth loss but also causes many other dangerous diseases such as:

Step III: The tool is picked out and washed twice under clean tap water Neck is calcified Bad breath.

Step IV: The tools are dried, wrapped and then put into a sterilization furnace Self bleeding without any stimulation.  Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Step V: After sterilization, the instruments are stored in ultraviolet rays. The principle of using sterile equipment Sterile if used improperly, it becomes an infectious and transmissible material.

Rule 1. Removal from sterile bags is no longer called sterile equipment.

Rule 2 Disposable tools, if left over, are not reused The ability to lose teeth, high jaw the risk of diabetes.

Rule 3. Wash your hands and wear gloves before using your chin Gums (pus).

Rule 4 Absolutely do not use this tool for other people The risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke the risk of sepsis.

Rule 5 Utilization tools should be processed immediately.

Rule 6 Maximum storage time is 7 days Bleeding when brushing. Gums (swollen). vietnam dentist prices

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