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who are head of marketing and hotel teeth in Vietnam

who are head of marketing and hotel teeth in Vietnam. Therefore, the effect of tooth extraction is very effective in caring for and protecting the teeth for long lasting effects of the environment.Decay tooth Extraction  Caries is divided into several different levels, and not necessarily on any tooth decay must be removed. In fact there are cases of tooth decay is restored and preserved quite well to help people with tooth decay recovers nearly 80-90% shape and function of chewing teeth. What to do when a tooth has a worm: eradicate or preserve? This greatly depends on the extent of damage to the teeth. If the teeth are light (only damaged on the surface, tooth loss is not much or bacteria have not spread to pulp, tooth pulp is not dead …) the filling solution can help you preserve these teeth.


However, if the tooth is too deep: the level of tooth decay spread to the pulp; Tooth decay causes infection, tooth swing too much due to periodontitis, crowded teeth, septum, seizures … the removal is considered the best solution to prevent the spread through other healthy teeth. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
Tooth extraction is painful & dangerous:

The effect of taking tartar that few people know

Teeth are a plaque that builds up over time due to exposure of the calcium phosphate salt compound in saliva. Teeth formed by daily chewing activities create scum, food debris, and dead cell carcinomas that make teeth unhealthy. In addition, improper cleaning of the teeth causes the bacteria to form and grow more on the tooth surface and result in stiffer teeth. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Maximal teeth cleaning is the effect of taking teeth that many people know. As a result, the teeth will be tanned and the plaque tightly attached to the tooth surface. These contaminants are completely separated from the teeth, making the teeth more clean and shiny. Thanks to the teeth whitening, the appearance of teeth changes quickly. Yellowing teeth, teeth stains, or black teeth are eliminated to the maximum, bringing a whole new look.

Healthy teeth and minimal damage to the teeth. The effect of the tooth extraction is clearly shown in the tooth is weakened by the effect of tartar. High teeth create the ideal living conditions for bacteria to grow, corrode and attack enamel hard to control. Taking tartar is the best way to destroy the factors that damage the teeth, making the teeth fully protected. As a result, the teeth become brighter and brighter.

In addition, the effect of taking the tartar is most visible is to prevent bad breath, making the breath more fragrant. At the same time the pathology and stains are suppressed on the teeth, bringing aesthetic beauty to the teeth.

Restricted tooth tattoos appear again? Dental tourim in Vietnam

Besides taking care of the effects of taking tartar, attention should also be paid to the remedies for tartar and to reappear.

Proper oral hygiene: Brush 2-3 times a day and combine with mouthwash with saline, flossing so that the teeth are clean at the root, the food is not likely to get stuck on the teeth.

Use natural ingredients such as lemon, salt .. to fight tartar development, bright white teeth.

Periodontal dental check-up so that the doctors take the best measures to protect the teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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